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May Announcement with some commonly asked questions:

I will be UNAVAILABLE on May 19 because I am having a Prophylactic Mastectomy and Reconstruction. 

How does this affect my patients? 

 - If you need an appointment in May, please schedule soon. On May 19th if you have a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, I will return texts, voicemails, and emails later that week.

Do you have cancer?

 - Thank you for your concern but no, I do not. This is prophylactic/preventative.

Why are you doing this?

 - I have a very complicated family history that puts me at significantly higher risk for developing breast cancer. Rather than wait for something terrible/scary, I have elected to be pro-active.

Couldn't you just be monitored closely? 

 - I do have close monitoring. I have done so for many years. Now I have a benign breast lump in addition to my other risks so the recommendation is to act.

What is the recovery for this procedure?

 - Everyone recovers at her/his own pace. I anticipate taking a week off then following a shorter schedule for a few weeks. Sometimes I overestimate my own badass-ery so fingers crossed!

I am happy to answer your questions so feel free to submit them here. I will post answers on the website.

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