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May Announcement Follow Up

As many of you know, I had a Prophylactic Mastectomy and Reconstruction in May. As a follow up I want to let you know that my procedure went incredibly well. In fact, it was better than I could have ever expected. I was back walking my dogs our customary 7-10 miles a day two days after my surgery! I am grateful to everyone for the help that I received during that time.

I will require a follow up procedure sometime later in the summer so I will keep you updated.

Common Questions:
Do you have cancer?

 - Thank you for your concern but no, I do not. This is prophylactic/preventative.

Why are you doing this?
 - I have a very complicated family history that puts me at significantly higher risk for developing breast cancer. Rather than wait for something terrible/scary, I have elected to be pro-active.

Couldn't you just be monitored closely? 
 - I do have close monitoring. I have done so for many years. Now I have a benign breast lump in addition to my other risks so the recommendation is to act.

Who was your surgeon?
Dr Christine Kollmorgen was the general surgeon ( and Dr Garth Meldrum was the plastic surgeon (

Are you happy with your outcome?
Omigosh, yes! I had been given an idea of what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything looks terrific. Honestly. Ok, right now things are still firm (I call it Barbie boobs) but that softens up over time. A small price to pay to be as safe as possible, right?

I am happy to answer your questions so feel free to call or text me (541) 335-1928