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Totally Fake Interview with Dr Elizabeth McCorkle:

Totally Fake Interviewer (TFI): So, we are here with Dr Elizabeth McCorkle today asking the tough questions that all of her patients want the answers to! Dr McCorkle...Elizabeth...what do you prefer being called?

EJM: Elizabeth or Dr McCorkle. Either is fine. Just not Liz or some cutesy diminutive of Elizabeth

TFI: Great! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How you got started with your practice?

EJM: Sure. Born and reared in the Southern US (NC, TN, GA, SC), I moved to Eugene in 1999. I love this part of the world - I don't even dislike the rain! I am an unabashed dog lover. Lola, my parti Australian Labradoodle, and Lisette, my chocolate Australian Labradoodle, are my constant companions. We live in a fantastic house that I renovated completely with a large yard that occupies much of my free time in one of my favorite areas of Eugene. Seriously, living so close to Beppe & Gianni's, Sweet Life, Prince Puckler's, and Hey, Neighbor is dangerous for my waistline. When I am not puttering around in my yard, I have to do a lot of power walking in my free time to justify the calories!

I graduated from my Obstetrics and Gynecology residency in 1996, practiced Ob/Gyn until 2009, moved to Bend to practice Gyn, moved back to Eugene in 2011 to open a Gyn and medical aesthetics practice, then opened my independent office in 2016 offering Botox, facial fillers, and Kybella. This has been the most fun I have ever had in my professional career. 

TFI: Can we talk for just a minute about these pup photos? Honestly, who are these little sweeties?

EJM: Lola is my parti-colored Australian Labradoodle. She is 7
 years old, a bit skittish, and unbelievably smart. Lisette is my 4 year old chocolate Australian Labradoodle. She is a rascal with an enormous personality. She and Lola are the bestest of buddies!

TFI: What makes coming to you a special experience for a patient? 

EJM: Aside from my being excellent at what I do, my patients appreciate that my practice is tailored to them and  their needs. They only ever interact with me - their texts are answered quickly and by me personally. Appointment times are flexible to fit the patient's schedule whenever possible. Appointments are generously scheduled so that I have plenty of time with each person and rarely does anyone have to wait on arrival. Plus, being in my house, my office space is very private and comfortable.
In addition, I keep costs down by working closely with the patient loyalty companies, Allē and Aspire that give patients fantastic special offers and rebates.

TFI: What does the typical patient come in for?

EJM: Botulinum toxin (Botox and Dysport) is the most requested procedure but fillers and Kybella are close behind. I also provide Latisse, SkinMedica, and Obagi skin care so patients are often picking up product goodies.
TFI: Who would need Botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport)?
EJM: No one "needs" toxins. The typical patient will notice a line they do not like and want to explore options to treat it. Often a change in skin care is all that they need (really, sunscreen and a good quality retinol work wonders!). 

TFI: Ok, so someone comes in for Botulinum toxin. What can they expect? 

EJM: First, I want to know what the patient sees that they like - do they like their lips, jawline, skin? Then I want to know what change they are after. Let's say that toxin is an option. I will review Botulinum toxin with them - its history, its uses, its risks and benefits, what to expect from treatment, how long it takes, how long it works. I also offer other options. If we decide that Botulinum toxin is the treatment that they want then I have them read and sign a consent for treatment. The actual treatment, the injections, takes only a few minutes. 
Since aftercare and expectations are so important I invest time making sure each person is aware of what to expect and do when they leave.

TFI: Excellent. Well, I am sure that there are other questions so may we check in with you another time?

EJM: Absolutely. But, honestly, the best option if someone has additional questions is for them to text me directly at (541) 335 - 1928. I really enjoy and look forward to the time I have with my patients. These are people whom I call friends!

Do you have questions that you would like the Totally Fake Interviewer to ask Dr McCorkle? 
Text me question(s) - (541) 335-1928!

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Text Dr Elizabeth McCorkle to schedule your next appointment

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